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Four Things That Ruin International Business Travel


International travel can be stressful enough when it’s for the purpose of a holiday, and even more so when you flight is necessary for business. While it’s nice to travel for any reason, we are all too aware that there are many things that can go wrong. When you have a client or partner waiting for you at the other end, it’s more important than ever that you make your flight on time and with everything that you need. So, what are the main things that are likely to seriously hamper your business travel?

Flight Delays

The dreaded flight delay. Quite possibly the worst thing that can happen when you have an important meeting waiting at the other end of your flight. You can do everything else right, plan your trip to perfection, and at the last minute be delayed by two hours by something completely out of your control. Which means you then have to search the boarding area where you are now confined, for enough phone signal or Wi-Fi to make hurried calls and e-mails, to explain, most apologetically why you are going to have to re-schedule the very important meeting.

Lost Luggage
Another problem that’s beyond your control, but could easily lay waste to a new business venture is lost or delayed luggage. Your bags could contain your best suit, all the relevant paperwork, and most crucially, your all important laptop. Without these things, it will be practically impossible for you to carry out the professional meeting you had planned. All you can do is try (likely in vain) to locate your luggage, and pray it’s somewhere in the same airport as you, and not the one you left a few hours before. Or even worse, somewhere else all togeather.

Travelling To The Airport

Working out your airport transfer will take some serious consideration. It’s quite plausible that you drive, and could take yourself there, but this eats into precious preparation time, which there can never be enough of. You may be able to ask someone to take you, but it is unlikely they are going to be pleased with the prospect of getting up at 3 am to drive for two hours in to London, and then come straight back again. Let alone the thought of doing the same thing a few days later. Your best option may be to find a Chauffeur Service London or to hire a chauffeur to make the journey for you. This way you don’t have to take liberties with any of your family and friends. It will also mean that you can use your travel time to complete all you last minute preparations so that you can enjoy a peaceful meal at the airport to get yourself in the right frame of mind to work business wonders.

Expensive Airport Parking
If you do make the decision to drive yourself to the airport, you will have to consider where you will leave your car, and more importantly, the huge dent this is likely to leave in your wallet. Parking at a London airport for a mere five days could set you back up to £350. Instead, that money could be much better spent arranging to have a chauffeur take you to the airport and pick you up again. Also maximising your preparation time on the way there, and your relaxing time on the way back.

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Can you afford not to use a chauffeur for your important business meetings?


In the last ten years, the Internet has made a huge impact on the way that we conduct business. In many ways, it makes life much easier to find new clients, advertise, and keep in contact with people. But does this mean that we no longer need to travel to meet old and new clients face to face?

It would seem this is one thing the internet cannot help us with. While it’s possible to conduct meetings using tools like Skype, it evident that people would still much rather meet face to face to discuss business. It’s all about making that important first impression when it comes to meeting with your clients. And talking through a computer screen on a grainy image with your connection cutting out every five minutes does not make a good one.
When you do go to meet with clients, you are responsible for representing your business. The first impression of you is also the first impression of your company.

So what steps can you take to making sure both are received in a good light? Firstly, there are the obvious steps. Dress smart, be polite and friendly, show up on time. One thing that will make a huge impact is the way in which you arrive. What better way to show up than in a stylish car, with your own, professionally dressed driver and your mind fresh with what you need to talk about because you have had the time to go over everything on your journey. Straight away whoever your meeting is with, they will be taking you and your company very seriously.

So perhaps you feel as though a Chauffeur Service in London is an unnecessary expense, something you don’t strictly need and therefore shouldn’t pay out for. However, using a chauffeur is actually an investment into the future of your company. This small expense could mean the difference between the success or failure of your meeting and have a huge impact on the growth of your company.

So the question is can you really afford not to use a chauffeur?

Talk to us about how we help you transport you around London for business in comfort and style; please phone our office on +44 (0)20 3174 2122 to talk to one of our professional staff.

Big Birthday Celebrations.


Do you have a big birthday coming up? Are you going to be 21? Perhaps you’re celebrating 30 years, or even the big 50. Every birthday is important, but there are a few that come around which are just that little bit more special. You have plenty of options when it comes to deciding how you are going to celebrate. A huge party with all your family and friends, a special trip away with the family, or perhaps even a fancy dinner with your nearest and dearest. Whatever you decide to do, it has to be something special. After all, the whole point of a birthday is that the day is dedicated to you.

Getting to the Party

So you’ve planned a huge party. You’ve found the perfect venue, the best DJ for miles around, and invited everyone you’ve spoken to in the last ten years. The caterers are booked, the cake has been ordered, and you’ve found that special outfit which is sure to make you the center of attention. Planning the perfect party can be a stressful ordeal so you want to be certain that the whole night goes off without a hitch. But do you really want to turn up to your spectacular night in a taxi, or Dads old banger? No way. You want to arrive in style. And what better way to do that than in a chauffeur driven car. A professional driver will make certain that you get to your party on time, wherever it is in London, in a sleek and stylish car, making a red carpet worthy entrance. Then when the night is over, you can get back home in all the comfort you need after a (hopefully) fantastic party.

A Classy Affair

Maybe you’ve decided to go for something a little quieter. Perhaps a family dinner at your favourite fancy restaurant. It’s still something you’ve put a lot of thought into, and should be just as special. The table has been booked well in advance and all your favourite people in the world will be there to share your special celebration with you. Make certain that the whole thing goes perfectly by arranging a chauffeur to take you there and home again. Forget any worries about being late or a London taxi making a wrong turn. Your Chauffeur Service will carefully plan your route and let you relax with a nice glass of bubbly in the back of a wonderfully spacious car.
However you decide to celebrate your big day, the addition of a chauffeur driven car will make absolutely certain that you have a night to remember.

Please phone our office on +44 (0)20 3174 2122 to talk to one of our friendly, down to earth staff about organising your London birthday bash.

Planning Your Child Free Weekend


Every parent knows how important a child free weekend is once in a while. A few luxury days away with your partner, free of troublesome teens and tantruming toddlers, without thinking about washing and nappies. So your 72 (if you’re lucky) hours should be planned to include the absolute maximum amount of relaxation, grown-up activities, and fish fingerless meals you can cram in. You’ve spent weeks looking for the most beautiful ‘no kids allowed’ hotel you can find, deciding which spa treatments you will have and which stunning restaurants you will eat at. Days picking out and packing the most perfectly sophisticated outfits that you couldn’t possible wear at home. Hours talking excitedly with your partner about how wonderful your trip is going to be.

One thing, I bet you haven’t thought out properly is how you are going to avoid the stress of your journey there and back. Nothing puts a downer on a romantic trip like traffic jams, arguments, road rage and bags too big for your tiny boot space. You don’t want to arrive at your hotel already feeling frustrated and annoyed with each other. But how can you avoid this? You could consider hiring a London Chauffeur Service to take you to and from your well-earned break. You will be picked up from your front door, bags carefully stowed in the boot for you and ushered into your beautiful, spacious transport. You can then relax in super comfort, with a bottle of bubbly, and make the most of every precious minute you have together. Your driver will have carefully planned out the best route, including traffic avoidance, to get you to your destination on time, making sure you get to make the most of every second you have.
When your break is over and it’s time to get back to reality, what better way to ease you back into day to day life, than being picked up and taken home in comfort and style. After all, it’s important that every moment of your weekend is spent relaxed so that you can fully re-charge your batteries.
You will arrive home knowing that you have squeezed every second of downtime out of your weekend as you possibly could. And, you will even get your bags carried to the door!

Please phone our office on +44 (0)20 3174 2122 to talk to one of our friendly, down to earth staff about organising your child free weekend around London.

How getting a chauffeur for your boss could improve your career


Any assistant to a busy boss knows the importance of reducing the employer’s day to day stress. One of your main responsibilities is to make sure that their day to day life runs as smoothly as possible. So how could finding them a London Chauffeur Service make this happen?

First impressions

First impressions are hugely important. They can mean the difference between success and failure. If your boss shows up in his run-down, mud splattered old car, he is instantly giving off the wrong signals. If however, he or she shows up in a top of the range, chauffeur driven vehicle, people will be prepared to take him very seriously.

Reduce delay stress

In central London, delays due to traffic congestions are inevitable. But you can, however, combat the stress that this is likely to cause your boss. If he or she is driving themselves, becoming stuck in traffic can become a very frustrating experience. If however, he or she is comfortably sat in the back of a spacious car, able to make phone calls and answer e-mails, the time stuck in traffic will no longer feel like a chunk missing from the working day.

Local knowledge

As all Londoners know, there are at least four different routes to get from every A to B. Its impossible to know all of these ways, unless of course it’s your job to know. Your chauffeur will be able to adjust your route without a second thought, giving you the best chance of getting to your destination on time, if not early.
Meetings on the go.
Nothing demonstrates efficiency like having a meeting on the move, and a chauffeur driven car makes this entirely possible. In the back of a spacious car, your boss and his guest can easily and comfortably carry out a pre-meeting briefing, or even an actual meeting. It’s even possible to be part of the conference call.

Door to door service

Forget the expensive London parking charges. The seemingly endless laps of the car park desperately searching for a car-parking space. A chauffeur will pick you up from right outside your office, and drop you off outside the door of where you need to be. No long walks, no wrong turns, no added stress.

They will thank you

It’s an absolute given that once your boss has had a taste of your genius idea, they are going to be looking very favourably upon you. Your wonderful initiative will be praised, and you will be the envy of all your colleagues, and we all know there is no better place to be than on the good side of your boss.

Talk to us about how we help you transport your boss or business colleagues around London in comfort and style; please phone our office on +44 (0)20 3174 2122 to talk to one of our friendly, down to earth staff.

See Out Single Life in Style


When planning for your big day starts, it’s a given that your wedding is going to be the most important day in your life for a long time. There is, however, one day that comes in a close second and that is your hen party. This age old tradition is a representation of the end of your single life; therefore, it’s a pretty big deal and should be treated as such. It’s your last night out with the girls before you become someone’s wife, and custom states that you should go out with a bang!

So what can you do to make sure your last night of freedom is one you will never forget? A quick search online will give you hundreds of ideas on what to do on your special day and/or night. From daytime chocolate making to an evening of cocktails and, ahem, semi-naked men, your options are endless. Once you have decided on your plans for the day there are a few other things to take into consideration. Who will you invite? Will there be an overnight stay involved? What will the dress code be? The likelihood is that when you all go out for the evening, you will all be dressed up to the nines, hair and make-up done to practised perfection, with all the sashes, L plates, and plastic tiaras you could find within a 10-mile radius. The last thing you and your hens are going to want to do is clamber onto a bus in your five-inch heels, that’s just asking for trouble. And no-one wants to end up with chewing gum on their best dress after a trip on the tube.

So what’s the best way to get you all to and from the most important night out of your life? The obvious answer is to find a Chauffeur Service in London. You will all be picked up in a sleek and stylish car, treated like royalty by your professionally trained and perfectly dressed driver, and even treated to a bottle of bubbly on route to get you into the party mood. Then at the end of your night, even if that happens to be in the early hours of the following morning, you will all be picked up from your chosen destination, and taken back to either your homes or your hotel. By this time you might want a bottle of water instead of champagne, and this of course, will be provided.
Another advantage is that your husband to be will be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be walking around London at night or getting into a taxi off the street. You’re safe and comfortable as you head to bed in preparation for the hangover guaranteed to hit in a few short hours.

London Sightseeing in Style.


If you are planning a trip to London, you can be sure there will be no shortage of things to see and do. There aren’t many places in the world where as many sights, outings and activities are all so close together, and so easily accessible. If you plan to see all that London has to offer, you are going to need more than just a weekend.
So why not plan a week-long trip?

It sounds like a long time to spend in one city, but even then your time will have to be meticulously planned to make sure you fit everything in.

What can you do to eliminate any risk of delays eating away at your perfectly planned week?

You can hire a London chauffeur to make sure you get to every destination on time and in comfort. If you have a busy day of museums and architecture sightseeing planned, you can be sure that your feet are going to be hurting by the end of it. The 20 minutes being driven in comfort from one attraction to the next is a vital time for your feet to recover in time for the evening which will hopefully include dinner and dancing.

What could make your wonderful trip to one of the most exciting cities on earth better, than being relieved of the stress of any travel worries? Your well-presented driver will pick you up from the airport, and take you to your London hotel. Once they know what your scheduled plans are, someone will be available to pick you up and drop you off to all the destinations on your itinerary.

Just think, you start your day with a morning at ‘The British Museum’ taking in all the wonderful artefacts and displays. After your lunch, you can head over to The Tower of London to get a glimpse of the Crown Jewels, and the place where many a traitor and royal alike lost their heads. Following that, you’ve got dinner and a show in the evening. So back to the hotel for a quick change of clothes and you’re ready to go again. Without your driver, a lot of your time will be spent navigating the London Underground, which is no mean feat. You’re going to be flustered, hot, and probably feeling like you have been too close to far too many strangers. Having a professional driver and stylish car to transport you during your stay in London could upgrade your holiday from ‘amazing’ to ‘once in a lifetime’.

Talk to us about how we help you get the most out of your holiday in London. Please phone our office on +44 (0)20 3174 2122 to talk to one of our friendly, down to earth staff.

Stylish Team Building Activities


As any boss or team leader knows, staff morale should be high up on your list of importance. The mood of your workforce ultimately determines their productivity. One foolproof way to ensure the happiness of your workers is to organise team building events. Just a quick web search will give you hundreds of London chauffeur service ideas and options on what to do with your team. In London alone there is a huge choice of events and activities available to you.

But what to choose? Something that makes your employees feel like their hard work is recognised and appreciated. To achieve this requires something a little classy. Forget the activities that include mud, running around, or anything outdoorsy. What you need is something refined, something to give your team the chance to dress up in their glad rags and feel like a star for the night. And there are plenty of options available. Cocktail making and a fancy dinner, a night at the casino, five-course meals, with three following courses of wine. The choices in London are limitless. But you do need to think about all the little details to go along with the main event. ‘Make sure you don’t put Angie and Helen too close on the table. After a few glasses of wine, that’s asking for trouble!’ But most importantly, making sure everyone gets there and gets home in one piece.

How about having everyone picked up in a chauffeur-driven car, with champagne in the back, professionally dressed driver, and super-sleek car. It’s all about the fine details when planning this kind of event. For an event that is designed to show your employees your gratitude, the last thing you want is their night ending with a trip on the Victoria line. You need to dedicate every part of the night to giving your team a time to remember.

Talk to us about how we can make your team-building day in London run more smoothly. Please phone our London office on +44 (0)20 3174 2122 to talk to one of our friendly, down to earth staff.

Avoiding Wedding Day Driving Disasters


Every bride to be is familiar with the stress of planning their perfect day. The hours of table plans, time plans, invitations, hair and make-up, dress shopping, and the 101 other things that go into making your special day exactly as you want it. It’s a stressful process, and seems to be a never-ending list of jobs to do, and things to think about. One of the big things to work out is the timings. What time will my flowers arrive? What time will the caterer be there? How much time do I have to get into my dress? It’s probably the hardest schedule you will ever have to plan.

So, what can you do to try and relieve some of that burden? Hire a London wedding chauffeur service to see that you are where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there. Forget about wondering if your Grandad’s beautiful, but equally unreliable 1967 Jaguar 420 is going to be playing ball on your special day. When you hire a chauffeur, you are guaranteed to have an elegant car waiting outside for you the moment you step out the door in all your finery. You will be taken on a carefully planned route, which is guaranteed to get you to your venue with time to spare. None of the little shortcuts your Gran has decided, that leave you stuck in traffic while your groom is waiting for you, wondering if you’ve suddenly gotten cold feet. You can sit in the back of a luxury car, bubbly in hand knowing that you will be saying “I Do” at the exact moment you had written in your schedule.

To save yourself even more stress, a chauffeur driven car for your bridesmaids and nearest and dearest too. The only thing almost as disastrous as you being stuck in the shortcut traffic is your bridesmaids and mum being stuck there instead! Just imagine the impact your arrival will have when you and your bridal party show up in a beautiful fleet of cars, decorated beautifully. It will certainly add dazzle factor for your guests, and let’s be honest, you can never have too much wow on your big day.

To find out more about Continental Chauffeur’ s wedding packages, please phone our office for an appointment on +44 (0)20 3174 2122. We would love to talk with you about how to make your wedding day perfect.

The Top Five Reasons To Use A Professional Chauffeur


Investing in a professional chauffeur service may seem like an unnecessary extravagance at first glance; however, have you considered the benefits hiring a professional driver in London would have for you and your business?

Here are the top ten reasons why having a professional chauffeur while you are in London for business is well worth the little extra money you pay.

1.  Luxury and Comfort

If you have a heavy day of meetings planned, having access to a private, luxury car to transport you to and from the various locations can be a great way to unwind and recoup between them.

2. First Impressions

First impressions can be key when trying to secure a new client or future investments in your venture’s projects.  By investing in a professional driver, you can be assured that the vehicle you use will be immaculately presented and your chauffeur impeccably mannered.

3. Local Insight

Just because you are on a business trip does not mean you cannot enjoy yourself in London.  Your chauffeur can inform you of the best places to drink,  dine, and take in the sites of one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

4.  Enhanced Productivity

Think of the wasted hours one can spend in London traffic.  Why not skip the stress and hire a driver, so you can spend your commuting time between meetings catching up on emails and returning phone calls, all within the privacy of your own, luxury car.

5.  Stress and Hassle Free

Speaking of London traffic, driving in the capital is stressful with a capital S if you are not used to it and are unfamiliar with where you are going.  Why not skip the stress and hire a professional chauffeur, who knows their way around the city and can get you to your destination hassle free.

Talk to us about how we can make your business day in London run more smoothly with our London chauffeur service. Please phone our London office on +44 (0)20 3174 2122 to talk to one of our friendly, down to earth staff.

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