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Decorate Your Wedding Car Your Way


So you have picked the perfect car or cars to transport you on your wedding day.  Now you have to decide how to decorate them.  Everyone has their own unique ideas and style for decorating their dream wedding car, so don’t feel you have to stick with the traditional white ribbon tied across the bonnet, tin cans rattling at the rear and Just Married written in shaving foam on the back window.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Beautifully placed flowers can add a magical touch to your wedding car.  Bunches of bouquets can be placed on the back window, wreaths of gorgeous blooms can adorn the bonnet of the car, or a small bunch of roses can be placed in the centre of a ribbon, tied to the front of the vehicle.

Balloons Galore

If your wedding has a modern, fun theme then why not tie massive bunches of colourful balloons to the back of your wedding car.  If you have hired an open-top car for the day, the balloons can spill out over the back seat, creating a celebratory effect.


Wedding ribbons do not have to be confined to the front of the car.  You can tie some on the door handles or on the rear of the vehicle, creating colour and softness, perfect for a traditional wedding.

There are hundreds of other ideas available on sites such as Pinterest.  One of the most pleasurable parts of getting married is browsing through websites and magazines and collating ideas that would work for your wedding.  The wedding car sets the stage for the entire day; therefore, it is worth taking the time to make the decoration of it extra special and unique.

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