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Four Things That Ruin International Business Travel


International travel can be stressful enough when it’s for the purpose of a holiday, and even more so when you flight is necessary for business. While it’s nice to travel for any reason, we are all too aware that there are many things that can go wrong. When you have a client or partner waiting for you at the other end, it’s more important than ever that you make your flight on time and with everything that you need. So, what are the main things that are likely to seriously hamper your business travel?

Flight Delays

The dreaded flight delay. Quite possibly the worst thing that can happen when you have an important meeting waiting at the other end of your flight. You can do everything else right, plan your trip to perfection, and at the last minute be delayed by two hours by something completely out of your control. Which means you then have to search the boarding area where you are now confined, for enough phone signal or Wi-Fi to make hurried calls and e-mails, to explain, most apologetically why you are going to have to re-schedule the very important meeting.

Lost Luggage
Another problem that’s beyond your control, but could easily lay waste to a new business venture is lost or delayed luggage. Your bags could contain your best suit, all the relevant paperwork, and most crucially, your all important laptop. Without these things, it will be practically impossible for you to carry out the professional meeting you had planned. All you can do is try (likely in vain) to locate your luggage, and pray it’s somewhere in the same airport as you, and not the one you left a few hours before. Or even worse, somewhere else all togeather.

Travelling To The Airport

Working out your airport transfer will take some serious consideration. It’s quite plausible that you drive, and could take yourself there, but this eats into precious preparation time, which there can never be enough of. You may be able to ask someone to take you, but it is unlikely they are going to be pleased with the prospect of getting up at 3 am to drive for two hours in to London, and then come straight back again. Let alone the thought of doing the same thing a few days later. Your best option may be to find a Chauffeur Service London or to hire a chauffeur to make the journey for you. This way you don’t have to take liberties with any of your family and friends. It will also mean that you can use your travel time to complete all you last minute preparations so that you can enjoy a peaceful meal at the airport to get yourself in the right frame of mind to work business wonders.

Expensive Airport Parking
If you do make the decision to drive yourself to the airport, you will have to consider where you will leave your car, and more importantly, the huge dent this is likely to leave in your wallet. Parking at a London airport for a mere five days could set you back up to £350. Instead, that money could be much better spent arranging to have a chauffeur take you to the airport and pick you up again. Also maximising your preparation time on the way there, and your relaxing time on the way back.

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