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How getting a chauffeur for your boss could improve your career


Any assistant to a busy boss knows the importance of reducing the employer’s day to day stress. One of your main responsibilities is to make sure that their day to day life runs as smoothly as possible. So how could finding them a London Chauffeur Service make this happen?

First impressions

First impressions are hugely important. They can mean the difference between success and failure. If your boss shows up in his run-down, mud splattered old car, he is instantly giving off the wrong signals. If however, he or she shows up in a top of the range, chauffeur driven vehicle, people will be prepared to take him very seriously.

Reduce delay stress

In central London, delays due to traffic congestions are inevitable. But you can, however, combat the stress that this is likely to cause your boss. If he or she is driving themselves, becoming stuck in traffic can become a very frustrating experience. If however, he or she is comfortably sat in the back of a spacious car, able to make phone calls and answer e-mails, the time stuck in traffic will no longer feel like a chunk missing from the working day.

Local knowledge

As all Londoners know, there are at least four different routes to get from every A to B. Its impossible to know all of these ways, unless of course it’s your job to know. Your chauffeur will be able to adjust your route without a second thought, giving you the best chance of getting to your destination on time, if not early.
Meetings on the go.
Nothing demonstrates efficiency like having a meeting on the move, and a chauffeur driven car makes this entirely possible. In the back of a spacious car, your boss and his guest can easily and comfortably carry out a pre-meeting briefing, or even an actual meeting. It’s even possible to be part of the conference call.

Door to door service

Forget the expensive London parking charges. The seemingly endless laps of the car park desperately searching for a car-parking space. A chauffeur will pick you up from right outside your office, and drop you off outside the door of where you need to be. No long walks, no wrong turns, no added stress.

They will thank you

It’s an absolute given that once your boss has had a taste of your genius idea, they are going to be looking very favourably upon you. Your wonderful initiative will be praised, and you will be the envy of all your colleagues, and we all know there is no better place to be than on the good side of your boss.

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