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How To Get An Upgrade On A Flight


Being upgraded for free on a flight is still the holy grail for many frequent flyers.  Imagine turning up, ready to fly business class and being unexpectedly upgraded to first.

So what are the tricks for making this happen?  We have spent years transporting executives and entrepreneurs to and from London’s airports, and we have picked up a few golden nuggets of advice during that time.  Below are our tips for getting an upgrade without having to throw a tantrum or spend a fortune.

Get to Know the Right People

You know the old saying, ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’.  Well, to get an upgrade on a flight it helps if you know someone at the check-in, or further up the chain of command who can wangle you a special privilege.

Travel at the Right Times

Some people swear that booking at quiet times for business travel such as in school holidays when fewer business class seats are taken up, is the secret to securing an upgrade.

Be First In Line

Arriving insanely early for your flight can reap great rewards.  If you are first in the queue and there are some spare seats available in business or first class, then you may be offered them.

If you are Celebrating let Check-In Staff Know

If you are on honeymoon or it is your anniversary, let the staff at the check-in know.  This will not guarantee you an upgrade but you never know your luck.

Dress to Impress and Arrive in Style

If you want the confidence to request an upgrade, you need to look and feel as though you deserve it.  Dress like you belong in first class and hire a chauffeur service to take you to the airport.  Even if you don’t get an upgrade, at least you will feel like a million dollars boarding the plane.

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