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Is It Safe To Visit London?


Following the terrible events in Paris just under two weeks ago and Brussels being in lockdown for the last four days following an “imminent terrorist threat”, one could be forgiven for being apprehensive about visiting London at present.

Adding to the concern, the United States has issued a global travel warning, urging its citizens to exercise caution in all public places.

But is there a good reason to be concerned about an attack in the UK capital?  Or is London perfectly safe for visitors?

The answer is a combination of both.

The Effect of the Paris Terrorist Attacks on the European Tourist Industry

According to the New York Times, a “plea for international fraternité has become the mantra of worried executives in Paris’s hotel and tourism industry”.  All of Europe is putting on a show of solidarity with France and carrying on a normally as possible but despite this, hotels, restaurants, museums, conference and exhibition centers, retail stores, and yes, even chauffeur companies, are feeling the blow.

Protecting People in London

It is reassuring to remember two things when considering whether or not you are safe as a tourist or business professional in London:

  1. Unfortunately, the UK administration has had years of experience in dealing with terrorist threats (remember the IRA) making them experts in identifying and defeating terrorist-related plots and ;
  2. The UK has one of the most renowned intelligence, military and police services in the world, who have proven many times that they can keep citizens safe.

In fact, just two days ago Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced that an extra 10,000 troops were being put on standby in case an attack were to occur.

Cold Hard Statistics

The fact is that in our 24/7 news culture, the threat of a terrorist attack occurring is wildly exaggerated.  Remember, frightening people sells more advertising space!

According to data from 2011, your odds of being involved in a terrorist attack are 1 in 20 million.  Granted, since this data was released, we have had the civil war in Syria and the rise of Isis; however, terrorists still have a long way to go before they overtake bees (1 in 71,623), bathtubs (your chances of drowning in your own tub is 1 in 800,000) and being struck by lightning (1 in 84,079).

So the general advice is; enjoy yourself, live your life, stick with your plans, but be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution.  London is one of the most exciting, dynamic cities in the world, with amazing business opportunities and tourist sites.  And no one has the right to make people feel too afraid to enjoy them.  By doing that, the terrorists have won.

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